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Here’s a bunch of stuff that doesn’t really deserve it’s own post, but is cool nonetheless.

Shootin Illustrated’s new website is pretty awesome.

Part 5 in a series on holster discussions by Richard Mann.  With bonus hotchick.

New concealed carry holster from my boys at Galco for N-frames.  On that note, I’ve discovered that an N-frame really isn’t that hard to conceal, you just have to dress around the gun.

Dan Wesson “duty” coating on their new Valor 1911.

And finally, if you have a carry/combat gun with one of those “XXXXXTREEEME SUPER DURABLE COMBAT TESTED FINISHES’ and you just let it sit in a safe, you’re doing it wrong.


  1. Not having an entrant in the hotwife contest, I’ll just opine on the N frame carry aspect.

    My 4″ 28-2 (Highway Patrolman) is often rendered nearly invisible by a tradtional OWB pancake holster. Given a longer shirt or winter coat, it then just disappears. Comfortably too, I hasten to add.

    The only impediment is the tacky nature of the Pachymer Gripper Pro grips. I’d love to have a set of smooth wood grips done in the exact same countour, in every detail. Would keep fabric (like shirttails) from bunching up around ’em.

    What’s hard to carry are the N frame speedloaders.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  2. Jim,

    I’d recommend some of the Miculek style grips. You can get them from Brownells; I use them on all my n-frame guns, including my carry gun which is a 4 inch 625.

  3. Caleb, I’ve tried the Miculek type grips. Not bad, but nowhere near the “made just for meeeeeee” fit of the Pachymer Gripper Pro.

    My (very miniscule) Kingdom for a wood or non-tacky synthetic version thereof!

    (thank you for the suggestion though.)

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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