Gear Queer

You know, that title is going to bring some weird google searches…but I digress.  Tam asks if you’ve ever seen someone flash their gear belt at a restaurant.  So the question is, have you ever seen someone’s spare mag carrier in a setting other than the range or a match?

Like Tam, I’ll confess to not carrying spare ammo as often as I should – when I’m carrying a full size pistol, I usually am also carrying the famous Jetfire pocket gun instead of a spare mag.  If something happens to gun number one (or when it runs out of ammo after six shots) I’m not going to try and fumble a speedloader into it, I’m just going for the pocket rocket as a backup.

To the original question though, I have never in my life seen someone’s ammo carriers in a restaurant, unless they were open carrying, in which case I’ve also seen their pistol as well.  The whole “people want to flash their gear at restaurants” line doesn’t really hold water with me, as I’ve been to a lot of restaurants and have yet to see someone expose their bat-belt at the table.


  1. See, that’s a problem for me. If I want to carry an extra magazine for the G29, I’m going to have to attach it to my belt. If I do that, it’s going to have to be in some sort of snapped / Velcroed shut casing to hide it completely as I believe that would be considered open carrying here in Florida. Which would kind of make it even harder to get to in the instant I needed it.

    The Kel-Tec makes a better backup, but I readily admit I don’t carry it if I have the Glock.

    Here in Florida, I don’t see anyone’s gear at all, period. But then again, we don’t have Open Carry like we should.

  2. I’ve never see anyone else’s gear. For me I carry my spares either in my coat or in my back pocket. But a 1911 makes that easier than with a Glock 😉

  3. Only on plainclothes/off-duty cops but they generally don’t care all that much if somebody sees what *could be* a cuff case or a spare mag. I seriously doubt anyone who isn’t in LE/the military or has some interest in CCW would notice anyway. I’ve been carrying my EDC knife clipped to my front pocket (it’s a wave knife) wherever I legally can for years now and the pocket clip is a dead giveaway. I’ve only ever had one non-LE individual comment on it and I wouldn’t be surprised if that gentleman was one of us.

  4. I can’t speak for everyone, but this civvy just ate at a hippie coffee shop and flashed neither pistol nor mags.

  5. You’ve never seen it because it doesn’t happen. The jerkwad is a blowhard liar trying to coerce the behavior he desires.

    Boy, that’s the first time we’ve all seen *that*.

  6. Eh, I can believe that there are a few people out there who like “flashing their gear without flashing their gear” and that the author encountered one, perhaps on a regular basis. I’ve never seen it, but there are enough people who will name-drop or otherwise conspicuously consume that this doesn’t seem impossible. For all I know, there could even be a clique of people near the guy who do this, just because they can. I’ve never seen someone open carrying (throughout the South and the Mid-Atlantic areas), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    The author’s mistake is lack of exposure. I can totally believe that he has a gun he’s fired a few thousand rounds through without failure and that he’s never been in a situation where he needs even ten rounds. He may have even seen some idiot hurt another person by a negligent discharge. It’s just that this isn’t what those of us who do carry regularly have experienced.

  7. You know, if I had some old cop around a lot that acted like an asshole, and I knew just laying a spare mag on the table when he’s in the place would spin him up, I’d probably be tempted to do that myself.

    I guess my point is that he may have a lot around him that do it. But I’m inclined to believe it’s more likely that they do it for his benefit than as a regular habit.

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