Riddle me this, Batman

Herald Times stated that their database had nothing to do with gun control, right?  Then how come their gun permit database is being defended by a lobbyist for the number 1 gun control organization in America?  Aside from the fact that the HTO is afraid of taking the debate on the air and being exposed to scrutiny, for something that’s “not connected to gun control” having a gun control lobbyist defend it on Fox News puts a lie to those words.

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  1. You have to expect it. I like how the guy basically argued that in shall-issue states the police don’t do their due diligence when authorizing s permit. Hell, a friend of mine in VA just had his renewel denied. Ex-cop, ex navy, ex-bounty hunter and now works for the DoD with a TS clearance. They siad he had a criminal record…

    They don’t let you have a clearance with an active criminal record.

    As far as 6 mass shootings commuted by permit holders goes, that’s a new one for me…


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