Fox News Update!

Just got off the phone with the producer at Fox News. We are on for tomorrow morning, but the time has been moved to 6:20am. Set your DVRs or catch me live tomorrow morning on Fox and Friends at 6:20 Eastern time!

Oh yeah – I found out who my opponent in the debate is going to be: Dennis Henigan from the Brady Campaign. Apparently I am skipping the minor leagues.


  1. Make sure you stay up late. Maybe do some heavy drinking tonight so you’re either hungover or still a little inebriated.

    Gotta make it somewhat of a fair fight.

  2. Given that more children die by accidental drowning each year than by accidental shooting, does the Herald Times have any plans to publish the names and addresses of everyone in Indiana with a backyard pool?

  3. A prediction: the Brady guest will be allowed to speak to a generic question, such as, “Tell us your position.”

    Then the moderator will turn to you and ask something along the lines of, “Why do gun owners want to continue killing children, as the Brady spokesman just told us?”

    Be prepared to say what YOU want to say, ignoring such tactics as the loaded question, the false comparison, the outright lie, and the ad hominem attack.

  4. Go get ’em Caleb!!

    +1 to what Mikee said. Feel free to directly answer any questions but lead in and lead out of them with clarifications on your position.

    What kind of beer do you like and where can we send it?

    “Why do gun owners want to continue killing children, as the Brady spokesman just told us?”

    Answer: Because you morons keep breeding stupid kids that can’t seem to learn the 4 rules. 😀

  5. Best of luck Caleb!
    Won’t be home to watch it as it unfolds, but it will be the first thing I watch tomorrow night on my Tivo when I get home.

    Don’t know what you Coasties say, but here’s a big HOORAH from the Army side.

  6. somebody has got to upload this thing onto youtube, we can take up a fund to buy you something fancy if you make him cry or they go to an unplanned commercial break.

  7. Wait, I thought the newspaper was claiming this had nothing to do with gun control? If that’s true, why is their position being defended by Handgun Control Inc. (or whatever they call themselves this year)?

  8. “GUN OWNERS = SEX OFFENDERS??” was on @6:24am here. Your name tag of course then said “a gun owner”, real smooth move by Fox & Friends.

    Typical of the Brady folks to claim “shall issue … takes away police control … [thus] criminals with guns.”

    Was disappointed to hear the narrator reply “You’re absolutely right” to that lie.

    You have excellent eye/facial reaction control, Caleb. Got a coffee spew from me when Dennis combined “quite a few have a permit but do not carry” with “and they commit many violent crimes” but you didn’t flinch.

    Just wish the anchor guy had let you talk more besides the comment about “invasion of privacy… road map for gang members” and mentioning the list is filed under “crime”. All good points.

    Anchor should have let you give a rebuttal to the lies about how permits are issued instead of offering his own commentary and eye rolling/smirk thing.

    All that said, thanks for being on TV, by the way!

  9. ‘Ya did good kid, Ya did good’
    I love how he wasn’t answering the question asked or debating the points made by you or the host.
    If the media wants to compare the info then why do they post it for public viewing…. that was a BULLSHIT explanation.
    but ya did good man.

  10. Well at least you got to speak a bit on it Caleb, but anchor shoulda let you ask a couple questions of your punching bag. Like which orrifice he was pull his info from, for one.

  11. Great job on Fox this morning. Clear, concise, and to the point, which your opponent certainly was not!

  12. Whoops, my bad. Caleb, thanks for posting the clip from this morning.

    Great job, btw. You came off much, much better than the other guy. He waded into the weeds and you stuck to the point…very effectively!

    Well done!

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