You like that title? You had better, becuse it stands for the NEXT GENERATION of COMBAT shooting TECHNIQUES. The title is the acronym for the system, which right now is called the Shoot The Other Guy Before He Shoots You system, or STOGBHSY. In case you’re wondering, that’s pronounced “stawg-bee-hussy”.

Get ready for the next revolution in tactical advanced training! We’ll teach you how to wring acceptable combat accuracy out of your Hi-Point at EXTREME CQB distances, with hot contacts all the way out to battle tested ranges of 5 yards! STATISTICS have proven that gunfights are dynamic encounters between two or more people…WITH GUNS. Only STOGBHSY gives you the secret skills necessary to not just win, but DOMINATE your enemies in all gunfight battles.

Are you ready to take your gunfighting to the NEXT LEVEL OF EXTREME? Then email me about a STOGBHSY training course! You never know when you’ll see the balloon go up on an elephant, so get prepared for battle with STOGBHSY TODAY!


  1. Man, for all the controversial topics you seem to be broaching here, I’d expect you to get more traffic…

    I’ve got another bowl of popcorn ready – will there, or won’t there be a “shooter ready!” & BEEP! when the game goes up?

  2. I want to sign up for the DGIAFGFN!* course.

    How does one sign up for that class?

    *Don’t Get In A Frickin’ Gunfight, Numbnuts!

  3. How does one sign up for that class?

    Please make your check for $400.00 payable to “Les K.” and send to…


    Hurry there are only 5 spaces left!!!

  4. Brother, pleeeeese,

    That’s just a watered-down, over complicated version of STOGF (STog-ef), or Shoot The Other Guy First, school.

    @Shootin’ Buddy, I took DGIAFGFN and it was Worthless! Most of the stuff my dad had already taught me and the rest was some New Yorker telling the class (over the course of several hours) to “ignore others and they will leave you alone.” It almost got me killed when I met someone who took the class on TTFTTOG (tee-ef-tog) or Take The Fight To The Other Guy.

    My attacker learned it at Folk University. I didn’t even know there was a Folk University until I asked him “Who told you it was a good idea to attack people first?” He told me “Folk U.”

    Learn something new everyday….

    I’d have been killed if he took the SFAAQF (Shoot First And Ask Questions Later) course, or worse, the SFAFTQ (Shoot First And Forget The Questions) class.

    I feel a lot safer since I took the WDKWWADBWSLC-T (called “Dash TEE” for short).

    They even invited me to be an INSTRUCTOR! We don’t know what we are doing but we sure look cool-TACTICOOL!!!


  5. First of all we should realize that this school of shooting will never catch on due to the fact that it does not allow for the efficient use of EXTREME SHOCK AMMO. We must realize that the ONLY way to be ready for a gun fight is to wear you Level III vest, always carry at least 25 Glock 18mags for you G17 and make sure that they are loading up with EXTREME SHOCK ammo and make sure that your surefire is set up for strobe.

    Remember the above loadout is the MINIMUM, this is what you need to go to the McDonalds drive through. If you plan on going into the store then you are going to need your AR

  6. I’m sorry Mike, but everyone knows that you aren’t really serious about being ready for a gun fight if you’re using a Glock. True operators only use HK.

    God! Amateurs!

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