State Championship starts in 2.5 hours

It’s 0630 as I type this, drinking coffee in the warmth of my house.  The Indiana State Steel Challenge Championship kicks off 2.5 hours from now, with staff and ROs shooting at 0900, and then regular shooters starting around noon.  I’ll be twittering from the match, so check The Twitter Feed periodically for updates!

The weather is going to be a factor today: right now it’s 32 degrees F (and I don’t mean Fahrenheit), with a windchill down to 25.  The weatherzombie says it’s going to hit a high of about 50 degrees today around 3pm and there is a chance of rain showers around noon.  This has been one of the coldest Octobers in recent memory, as we’ve averaged about 10-15 degrees colder than the normal temperature this time of year.  We went from 60s and 70s to mid 40s in the span of a week, and it’s wreaking havoc on people.

But now is the time to put all that aside, to mind the trigger and the sights, and to go do a little bang and clang.  And hey, if I get really lucky, the weather will put off any other “serious” revolver shooters, and I’ll be able to backdoor my way to a championship.  😉

See you on the other side!


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