It's like I'm disabled

A long time ago, I had a round of Wolf .45 ACP grenade in a wheelgun. I have attached a picture of the shell casing, which I keep as a reminder to not buy Wolf ammo for my pistols.

And yet, despite the fractured and subsequently impossible to extract reminder of my folly, I purchased .45 ACP Wolf ammo again, this time to shoot in my 625. While none of the rounds made like a grenade, the fired rouds were so difficult to remove from the moonclips that I actually bent two moonclips using the de-mooner trying to get those out.

Sometimes I think my wife is right, I really do have to learn everything the hard way, twice.


  1. I guess it is like playing chicken: Steel cases in steel clips – which one buckled under the pressure first?

    I’m just miffed that for a while wolf was the only thing really available…

    It is so dirty and nasty… Ugh…

  2. Now I don’t shoot wheelguns but I use Wolf almost exclusively in my handguns and longguns and have never had a problem w/ it beyond just being dirty. But Brenneke and WInchester ammo I have to pry out of my shotgun.

  3. Dude, buy the 45 from Precision. It’s cheaper than Wolf. And I’ve never had a moment’s trouble with his ammo.

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