Mako 1911 Grips

I’d buy these, actually.  A lot of times you see products come out that are dubious in their utility for defensive or practical shooters, like the forward handgrip/magwell cover thingy I talked about a week ago.  However, a product recently announced by the Mako Group is something I’d buy: a set of 1911 grips with an integrated polymer magwell.


The neat thing about this grip is that it’s not a wrap-around grip, so it doesn’t add any extra girth to the front of your pistol’s grip.  My big complaint about 1911s has always been the ability to reload them in a hurry, as the single stack magwell doesn’t present quite the target that the magwell on a Glock or XD presents.  This accessory from Mako solves that problem without you spending $130 on a set of alumagrips and the magwell that goes with those.

I would wonder about the durability of the parts, however for an MSRP of $27.20, you can afford to buy two and swap it out if it starts to take excessive damage or show wear and tear.  That being said, I doubt that the average shooter is going to be able to wear one of these out.


  1. Hmmmm…. I need those. And that’s a decent price.

    Of course, it means taking off the Crimson Trace grips, but I can’t use those in IPSC anyway.

  2. Well, the Para is a gamer gun only anyway.

    Speaking of, there’s an IPSC shoot on Sunday that I need to reload for. I’m out of ammo right now (BAD Robb! BAD!).

  3. Fine on a gamer gun, but if your Crapco… er, Tapco plastic magwell breaks, it could foul the mag opening or bind the mag in the gun.

    If you just absolutely GOTTA have one on a real gun, go with an S&A or, even better, a well-blended weld-on that doesn’t increase the overall height of the grip.

    Generally though, guns are made better by taking stuff off, not by adding more shit to break. 😉

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