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Most of my Indy/Metro area readers are probably aware that in addition to the various local gun shops and stuff, we have not one but two different El Monte de Ganso stores, one on the north side of Indy at 82nd Street in the Castleton area, and the other on the south side in Greenwood off of Emerson and County Line Rd. Since I live on the North side and am often on the south side for work, I’ve had ample opportunity to compare the two stores. You’d think that being big box stores in the same chain that they’d be essentially the same, right? You’d be wrong.

Gander Mountain South is newer than the North store, and as such is generally “newer” on the inside. It feels “cleaner”, as newer locations often do. The South store also seems to have better ammo selection – during the worst of the drought, I could still find 9mm at Gander Mtn South even when the Northside store was completely sold out. Now that ammo is coming back, the South store still generally has better selection on both ammo and guns than the North side store.

In terms of access, both stores are not actually that easy to get to, although I might give a slight edge to the North store, as it’s adjacent to the Castleton Square Mall.

Of course, the biggest disadvantage to Gander Mountain (all of them) is their pricing. Often, ammo there is more expensive than it is at local gun shops, but on the flip side they usually have a better selection that most local shops. And don’t think that buying online is a surefire way to get your bbs cheaper – A box of ammo that costs $13.99 but incurs a $3 in shipping fees isn’t as good of a bargain as it may seem on the surface over a box that costs $18.99 but has no shipping fees.

I will say this though – if you’re in need of a diverse selection of ammo and don’t mind the drive to the South side of town, you might want to check out the Gander Mountain down here. No, it’s not the cheapest store in town, but they have Black Hills 124gr FMJ (my favorite!) in stock!

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  1. One almost needs a guide to find the Gander Mountain in Palm Beach Gardens here in Florida. I had a good tour of the local parking lots before I found the entrance.

    Prices: American Eagle 9×18, 95 grain FMJ
    Midway: $24.95/50 (out of stock)
    My local guy: $29.95 (in stock)
    Gander: $39.95 (WTF?)

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