Gun Nuts movie review: Inglorious Basterds

Went to see the new Tarantino film last night, with Mrs Ahab. Before I continue, you need to understand where I’m coming from on this review. I think Quentin Tarantino is overrated, and that he thinks he is some kind of artistic genius. I would disagree. However, I also really like his movies because most of them are homages to films and genres I really enjoy. So, I guess I’m kind of a self loathing Tarantino fan.

From a movie goer standpoint, Inglorious Basterds was “Quentin Tarantino does WW2”. What that means is that if you’re generally a fan of his projects, you’ll probably like Basterds. If you’re not a Taratino fan, you probably won’t like Basterds. If you’re undecided, then go see the movie and decide for yourself.

I liked it, obviously. I thought the acting was spot on for the characters, and while the plot left a little to be desired, overall I give it 4.5 dead Nazis out of a possible 5. Walther PPk fans should enjoy it, as your beloved heater got a lot of screen time.

One more note: don’t see this movie if you’re a big stickler for “historical accuracy”.

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  1. 1. It’s not supposed to be historically accurate at all. Well before it was released, it was described as an alternate history film.

    2. I do agree that Tarantino’s “artistic vision” is overrated. However, I’ve never gotten the feeling from any interviews with him, or from his commentary in some of his films, that he sees himself as an artistic genius. The extras in Death Proof really led me to see him as someone who really just LOVES old movies. I suspect he’s a lot more like the John Cusack character in High Fidelity, but with movies instead of music, than anything else: part movie fan, part movie snob.

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