1. In addition. I really just like to shoot.

    Although if I had to pick my favorite, it would be Steel Challenge, as I prefer the unambiguous nature of “either you got it or you didn’t”.

  2. I just got back from a Steel Challenge match a few minutes ago…

    I pistoI prefer USPSA, SC, Bowling Pin then IPDA a distant third. But that could be just because I’ve only shot one IPDA match.

    In rifle… there is Boomershoot, way down on the list is USPSA, then everything else is in the noise.

  3. I still think that you two should do the “first shot” thing as competition…

    (See the Julie Golob post’s comments…)

  4. (comment repost to Joe’s comment on the Julie Golob post)

    Then how about a table start – gun unloaded?

    If unloaded, it is a nice test of valid gun handling. If loaded, it is just a reaction, acquisition and shot placement.

    10 rounds in a mag – first shot on an IDPA paper target 15 yards away. Count your time overall and score via IDPA rules +.5 seconds for every non-A zone hit.

    Hell, that is a decent drill that most of us should be doing anyway!

  5. If the objective is something almost realistic I don’t see an unloaded gun drill being particularly useful to me. If my handgun is close by (always–except when at work or on a commercial airplane) it’s loaded and in a holster.

    But I’ve shot lots of stages with unloaded gun starting positions. I don’t have a problem with them.

  6. Joe, totally agree… I’m just fishing for something that “narrows” the gap between a limited/open rig vs. production rig when looking that the constraint of not having Caleb run crossfit-circles around you.

    So unload, table start, manipulate the gun and count hit on 15 yard IDPA target.

    The good news is that in this format there are no “No-Shoots” for Caleb to nail…


  7. I think there should be a variety of stages. Just like at an IPSC match there are speed shoots, there are long range stages, and there are field courses that involve movement.

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