A good trend

One of the things I have noticed with pleasure lately is that an increasing number of handguns leaving factories are coming from the factory with quality fixed sights hooked in them. It used to be that the first thing you did when you bought a pistol for carry or competiton was whack the lousy factory sights off it, and replace them with decent sights.

In the category of “things I never thought I would say”, Taurus has basically beaten the pants off every other major manufacturer in this category. Their 1911 series guns either come with Heinie or Novak sights, their 24/7 guns do the same, their new 800 series are rigged with good sights, and even their budget friendly 909 and 911 are wearing metal low profile carry sights.

S&W is also doing well in the world of sights. The M&P pistols can be had from the factory with Novak night sights, or Warren Tactical fiber optics in the JG or the Pro editions. Their 1911 pistols are similarly well set up, as are some of the revolvers on the catalog.

Even Springfield brought things up a notch on the XD(m), with a finely serrated rear sight from the factory, instead of the “glare catcher” featured on the rest of the XD family.

However, with all the goodness in the sight world, Glock still continues to produce pistols with those insultingly cheap and easy to break plastic sights. Honestly, how hard would it be to put some decent sights on those guns? If Taurus can do it, then for Pete’s sake you would think that Glock would able to either make or buy a decent set of sights for their guns.

I also predict that in the comments, someone will accuse me of having a soft spot for Taurus…they would be correct, I do have an affinity for Taurus’ semi-automatic pistols. I spend an inordinate amount of time at their SHOT SHOW booth each year. But hey, they also put good sights on their guns, right out of the factory.


  1. I also predict that in the comments, someone will accuse me of having a soft spot for Taurus…they would be correct, I do have an affinity for Taurus’ semi-automatic pistols.

    I have a soft spot for mentally-disturbed homeless alcoholic vets on the side of the road, but I wouldn’t bring one home.

  2. ha.

    I really want to make a joke here about pyschotic animal doctors self-medicating with booze, but it’s almost too easy.

    I don’t know what it is about the Tauri, mind you. I guess there is something about a reasonably price auto-chucker that holds 17 rounds of 9 sillileter that appeals to me.

  3. It’s like how auto companies are now putting decent stereos in all their cars now.

    It’s a small price, but it makes the buying process all the better.

    Also Taurus has some image problems it needs to deal with, so the small amount of added cost to put decent sights on the gun will help them a lot.

    Glock has legions of fanboys, and lots of .gov contracts, so they might find it harder to loose base…

  4. I’ve always shot better with the Straight Eights. It draws my eyes more naturally to the front sight. Could just be perception, but eh, it works. Thats what I like about the Taurus 1911. At local fun show prices, I can get one at about $550 with the Straight Eights.

  5. I give Taurus a lot of credit for coming out with new revolvers. Some of which even have me scratching my head.

    .218 Bee? I guess someone will buy it.

  6. Ever seen a SiG Mosquito? Not only is it the most picky damn thing about ammo I’ve ever seen, it comes with three front sights; all plastic.

    I’ve heard their centerfire pistols are good, so I guess all their good design and QC went into them.

  7. I have yet to meet somebody who’s happy with their Mosquito. Ammo finickiness, as well as the cheap zinc slide doesn’t seem worth the price you pay to get a gun that says “Sig” on the side….

  8. I believe the Mosquito is actually mfr’ed by Umarex, famed maker of blank guns, and marketed by SIG.

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