PayPal cuts off donations to veteran's charity group

A lot of people are aware just how anti-gun PayPal is, as they have been known to freeze merchant accounts for conducting firearms related transactions. However, I didn’t think they would stoop so low as to cut off donations to Soldier’s Angels because the veteran’s charity group was rafling a firearm in conjunction with the Gun Blogger’s Rendezvous.

Kevin had all the details at that link, and I agree – Paypal is way over the line here. The problem is, how do we address the issue? They’re pretty much the only game in town in the online money transfer business, so how do we hurt them in the wallet?


  1. We’ve managed to bypass PayPal! Another sponsor of the Rendezvous,, an ammo site, is doing the on-line ticket sales for us with all proceeds (minus the 3% credit card fee) going to Soldiers’ Angels. Soldiers’ Angels is still taking phone orders for those who don’t want to purchase on-line. Details here.

    And thanks again for linking!

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