1. Well, its not a bad selection nor is it TERRIBLY overpriced. Gander tends to mark up their ammo about 10% anyhow…

    But, ammo reserves are starting to flow again. I even see primers making their way back onto shelves. Gone are the days of $1.65 per 100 or $15/1K… its $28/1K and on up these days.

    FMJ and JHP components are returning to shelves as well. Rem and Hornady components along with select SPEER and Sierra bullets have graced the shelves of my favorite reloading supplier.

    But, I still refuse to shell out $25 for a box of 50rds of 357 mag in JSP. I have since warmed up the casting pot and I am getting back to casting SWC again.

  2. I really, really hate to bear bad news, but the Bass Pro near me had the same UMC for $54.99 two weeks ago.

  3. Yup. I bought a bunch of the $54.99 UMC from BassPro AND I found a coupon to put towards it.

    I ended up getting 1K of 9mm for under $200.

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