Gun Nuts Radio: down with the man

While normally we don’t do “down with government shows”, last night’s show came about as close to that topic as you’re going to see from Gun Nuts Radio.  The first half of the show consisted of our new and popular current events roundup, covering news items such as Steve McNair’s murder at the hands of his girlfriend/mistress, the Harold Fish case, and even a little Michael Jackson.  We then moved on to the last segment, which was asking people what laws they’d like to change, or modify in the hopes of helping to correct our republic.  If you’d like to download an .mp3 of the show, click here for the file.

Here are some of the ideas for changing laws that I really liked:

  1. Get rid of ticky-tac felonies (shipping wine to Indiana is a felony, for example)
  2. Repeal the direct election of Senators – honestly, if Al Franken can get to be a senator, the position has officially lost ALL its prestige
  3. Income taxes? Get rid of ’em.  It seems the .gov doesn’t get that much money off them anyway, so let’s just give it back to the people who earned it.
  4. Massachusetts’ approved firearms list – toss it.
  5. And finally, Joe Huffman’s idea: change the definition of treason so that it includes passing a law that violates the Constitution.

If you missed the live show, you missed Breda’s Kalashnikitty t-shirt, which is just a real bummer for you, and you also missed the rowdiness that is the chat room.  Of course, you can click here to download the show, but it’s not quite the same.  You may have heard that Breda has an iPhone now as well…if you want to subscribe to Gun Nuts Radio on your iTunes, just follow the directions in the link, or search for us at the iTunes Store under “Gun Nuts Radio”.

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  1. Yeah… Angry BTR and chat has been turning me off the show for a few weeks now. Maybe it’s good my computer sploded. The break may do me good, and I’ll be hankering to come back when systems are restored.

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