Not all is lost

In the post below this I mentioned that I am a little disappointed about not being able to compete in Steel Challenge this year. That’s not to say that I won’t be shooting any majors – I’m locked in for at least 2, the Indiana State IDPA championship, the Tri-State Regional in TN, and there are a few others I would like to get to. The challenge is right now keeping everything within a reasonable driving distance, and no weeklong events which get cost prohibitive unless I find ways to cover those expenses.

In no particular order, the matches I’m thinking about shooting this year, time and money willing are: Indiana State Steel Championship, Wheelgunner’s Revenge in Michigan, and the Maryland Regional Action Pistol Championship. The Wheelgunner’s Revenge is two weeks from now, which means if I’m going to shoot it I had better start asking Mrs. Ahab right now. Of course, because it’s so close in time, attendance is unlikely, but I can certainly try.

The NRA Action Pistol match in Maryland is a bit more likely, as it’s a two day match well within reasonable driving distance. If I start practicing now, I might be in good shape by the time the match gets here.

Assuming for the moment that I shoot 2 of my three “hopeful” matches, plus the two IDPA championships I’m committed to, that would mean in my first 12 months of serious competitive shooting I would have shot in 7 major matches. Not bad, I suppose. It remains to be seen how many of those matches result in me carrying away a trophy.

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