S&W sponsors Steel Challenge

Smith and Wesson released a presser today saying that they’re going to be sponsoring Steel Challenge this year.  In addition to sponsoring Pendulum (one of the stages) they’ll also be the official sponsor of the Optical Revolver, Iron Sight Revolver, and Women’s division.  Those are probably the most obvious divisions for S&W to sponsor, and if I have to explain why then I don’t know what to do with you.

I’m actually a little bummed out about this though – not because it’s a bad thing, because it isn’t.  S&W has shown a tremendous commitment and dedication to the shooting sports, both in increasing participation from shooters and winning piles of trophies.  No, my sadness comes from the fact that I just found out I’m not going to be able to make it to Steel Challenge this year – which was something I’d had my heart set on doing, but the time just isn’t there.  That bums me out because I was looking forward to seeing some of the people I had met at Bianchi Cup again; and on top of that the opportunity to test my skills again on the national playing field.  I suppose that “these things, they happen” is the best attitude to have, and that I can start planning now for the 2010 match.

Back to the good news though – S&W sponsoring the World Championships is indeed good news.  I’m always, always pleased to see more funds and money being put in the shooting sports, as it helps keep our sport vibrant and growing.  Like I’m always saying, the reason I do everything I do around the shooting sports is that I want to keep doing this when I’m old, and the only way to be sure that happens is to spend money and get more shooters involved.