Wilson Combat SPEC OPS 9

Remember Wilson Combat’s Name Our New Gun Contest they had a while back?  The winner is here, and the new gun is named the SPEC OPS 9.  It’s a 16+1 round 9mm 1911 style pistol built on a polymer frame, with a 4.5 inch barrel (which means it won’t fit holsters for Commander sized guns OR Government sized guns!) and an accuracy guarantee of 1.5 inches at 25 yards.  It all comes with a price tag just south of 2k ($1995 to be exact) and a single source for acquiring magazines.  No word on how much mags will cost, but if they’re less than $30 I’ll eat my hat.

Now, I’m sure I’m going to get some emails or comments saying “But Caleb, why are you so down on this pistol” – and to be frank, it’s because for 2 grand you could roll over to STI and order a Tactical 4.15 in 9mm which costs the same, but has widely available spare parts, holsters, and magazines; not to mention the huge aftermarket support base that STI guns have due to their near ubiquitous presence in the shooting sports.  Plus, the STI’s street price is usually going to beat the pants off the street price of a Wilson Combat gun, especially Wilson’s new Plastic Fantastic.

I’m sure it’s a great gun, and I’m sure it will shoot like no one’s business.  I’m just having a hard time justifying paying 2 grand for a gun that won’t fit any of my holsters, can’t compete in Single Stack, is a 9mm so it’s no good for Limited, and only has one source for magazines.  Of course, I’m sure it will sell well, and so Wilson Combat gets a “Good Game” from me, but color me unenthusiastic about this one, and give me an STI any day of the week for competition.  For concealed carry, you could take that 2k you’re going to spend on this gun, and buy a Glock 19 (500 bucks) two or three good holsters (100 bucks), 10 magazines (250 bucks), and then take the remaining 1100 dollars and go to one or two good training classes on how to use your new pistol defensively.  Or you could sink that 1100 bucks into ammo and shoot the wheels off some IDPA.

Now if could just convince STI to make that 8 shot .327 revolver for ICORE, I’d be in business…


  1. 100% agree. To me, it feels like Wilson has been riding on its brand for a while.

  2. heh Good Call PDB!

    I’m with you Caleb, I’m unimpressed with this one.

    I wonder how it compares to a Performance Center M&P 9mm?

    Even if the accuracy doesn’t quite match up, who can fully utilize accuracy in a pistol like that in any practical shooting?

  3. OMG! I just looked at the site! The gun weighs 30 oz! I was going to nit-pick about you comparing the gun to an all-steel 2011, but there’s only a 3-4 oz difference.

    Also what’s the damn point of building a plastic gun that weighs as much as a similar all-steel gun?

  4. Hey Weer’d, I fixed that for you:

    “Also what’s the damn point?”

    I love my wife’s Wilson CQB – they make awesome 1911’s that shoot great. Stick to what you know.

    (Any established company should know that line extension is one of the most dangerous things possible… Especially in a saturated market – GLOCK, S&W M&P, H&K, hell, even fricking HiPoint!)

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