Power Brokers?

The Shooting Wire says that gun blogs are the new “power brokers” in the game.


Michael has some commentary at his blog on how new media is rapidly blending with Old media in the shooting community. I don’t really think that blogs are power brokers so much as we tend to serve as the mouthpiece and PR machine for the voice of the shooting community. As a community, bloggers tend to have our fingers on what people are actually feeling in real time; there is very little delay from thought to action. Mind you, that is both our biggest strength and greatest weakness as a content distribution format.

Ultimately, I do think that new media wields a tremendous amount of clout, but right now it tends to be an unfocused sort of clout, jumping from issue to issue and topic to topic. I do also think we’re far too quick to eat our own, but that’s another post. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T