One from Bianchi

I’m glad that Tactical Wire ran this story on Max Michel winning the Pro-Am shootoff at Bianchi Cup, which was a side event to the Speed Steel Shoot off.  The reason I’m glad to hear that is because I wanted to show you this picture of Max.  The Speed Steel event involves shooting 5 large plates as fast as you can; the timer over your head records how long it takes to do that.


Photo is from Yamil Sued, not from me.  Now, if you’re looking at the timer, it says 1.70.  That means it took Max 1.7 seconds to draw and fire 5 shots, cleaning all the plates.  To put that in “mere mortal terms”, if the average citizen can draw and fire a single shot into the A-zone in 1.5 seconds, that’s considered a fast draw.

Not a whole lot to the story beyond that, other than “Max Michel is scary fast”.  I had the pleasure of sitting there watching him shoot that string, and I swear it’s over before you realize it started.