"Ain't we just"

Big Damn Heroes, that is – the subject of last night’s Gun Nuts Radio.  We spent the show focusing on the people who have done great things not just for our right to keep and bear arms, but for the shooting sports, and shooters everywhere.  Just a few of the people we and out guests spotlighted:

  1. Suzanna Hupp
  2. Alan Gura
  3. Robert Levy
  4. Marion P. Hammer
  5. And many, many more

To hear the rest of the luminaries we listed, check out last night’s show by clicking this link to download.  You can of course also download the .mp3 file to keep on your portable music device, such as iPOD or even a Zune if you have: click here to download our .mp3.  The neat thing about shows like this is it lets us shine the light on people that are truly deserving of recognition and respect for everything they have done to help keep us shooting, hunting, and enjoying our liberties.

Next week’s show is going to be hosted by Breda, live on the webcam feed, so if you don’t listen live, you’re going to miss out.  As we rotate the host duties each week, you’ll start to see us featuring different firearms on the camera feed, as well as other specials for the folks who listen live.  So don’t miss out…but if you do, you can still download the show, or subscribe to us on iTunes by following the handy instructions here.

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  1. I tried to listen to the Show last night and Could not with either IE * and Opera 9.64. Any clues as to why ?

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