Bianchi Day 4

Well, that is all she wrote, folks.  The main event at Bianchi Cup has wrapped up, and here are your winners:

Open Division: Bruce Piatt

Metallic Division: Robbie Leatham

Production Division: Dave Sevigny

I ended up 17th in production division, so yay for a top 20 finish; and I also finished 3rd in the Speed Star Match.  The Speed Star Match is a sanctioned event that runs concurrently to the main Bianchi Cup, and caters more to “going fast”.  I managed to shoot it clean and fast enough to earn third place in Production, so I’ll come home with a decent plaque for the wall.

I’ll have a more detailed post up on the Bianchi experience when I get back – I have over 400 photos to process when I get home and a ton of notes to go through.  I will say this though – this has been an absolutely tremendous experience for me, and I can’t wait to come back next year.


  1. Job well done Caleb! Top 20 is nothing to balk at for your first major competition. It takes guts to even show up there, much less to compete.

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