Bianchi Cup Awards Dinner

Outgoing president John Seigler is the keynote speaker. He just said that if we(NRA) had 20 million members, we’d be able to elect whomever we wanted.

He just metioned the Park Carry bill, which he followed with a mention of how Obama is still coming after our rights given the opportunity.

He is now talking about how NRA is sanctioning 3-gun matches and 50 cal matches.

Now he is talking about the incoming president of NRA gettig into the shooting sports.

NRA members raised 120 million dollars for shooting sports. Larry Potterfield donated 1 million dollars to NRA’s shooting programs.

John closed with a reminder that we to be diligent to defend our rights.


  1. Nice plaque Caleb. You have made gunbloggers every where proud. Now the media knows that gunbloggers aren’t just a bunch of old fat guys sitting around shooting off their mouths. 🙂

  2. Hello Caleb,
    Congratulations on your first dive into the Bianchi Cup.
    It was good talking with you about your dad and what you thought about the match. I have shot it 26 times now and there is a ‘love /hate’ experience. An emotional shooting roller coaster ; you are right about the
    “No Mind” mentality. If one doesn’t learn to be able to
    focus for 5 minutes it takes to complete each match,
    then the “Bianchi Cup Gremlins” will crawl up your
    barrel and cause havoc ; Jams, forgetting
    to do simple things like ; not turning on the power
    to the led scope, not reloading for a stage, ect.
    Glad you came out to try it out; and again, congrates
    on your plaque. See you next year.
    John Pride

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