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When you shoot ammo of completely unknown origin through your gun, and then said ammo blows your gun up, it’s clearly the fault of the gun.  The OP in the thread says that he acknowledges that the ammo was suspect but that the Beretta he nuked should have been “built better”.

I ask the question, exactly how much better?  At the previous blog meet in Indy, I was talking to a guy who knows a thing or two about Berettas, and that they had seen frames with round counts in the hundreds of thousands, shooting 9mm NATO ammo.  When you get into the world of gun show reloads, or mystery reloads from someone you don’t know or trust, you’re on dangerous ground right there.  I’m not saying that you should only shoot factory ammo through your guns, but if you are shooting Santa’s Magic Reloads and your gun goes boom – odds are it wasn’t some design flaw in your Glock/Sig/Beretta that caused it.


  1. Bingo. I agree with you fully. I only shoot ammo that is either factory or from a reloader such as Georgia Arms,who has been around for ever and is trusted by many. Other than that, it does not go into my babies.

  2. …and even then, sometimes guns blow up.

    Look, shooting is an activity that involves setting off an explosion in a metal tube in your hands. It is inherently risky. Folks that can’t deal with that should find another hobby.

    Oh, and don’t shoot mystery ammo.

  3. From the few pictures posted, I’d bet that gun has a good chance of being repaired. It looks to me like a case head blew out. The only way it could be the gun is if he was racking the slide while facing a huge electromagnet that suddenly powered on. (Even then, is the pin free to move when the gun is out of battery?)

    Here’s my take: someone grabbed some Glock range pick-ups, ignored the pinched web and FL-sized them, then loaded them at standard pressures. If it was an overcharge, I’d expect the whole chamber to split. (Usually people who overcharge pistol rounds are using fast-burning, dense powders, and they double or triple charge the case–so when it goes, it goes big!)

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