1. Ditto for me. Our group ran two sessions, rimfire (.22LR) and centerfire. Space guns were legal if you had them. I just used plain ol’ iron sights. I used a Browning Buckmark and a Colt 1911 in .40S&W. A few years later when I started shooting IDPA, I switched to my Kimber .45ACP 1911. I didn’t see much difference in table-cleaning ability between the to 1911s. I shot LSWC in both guns rather than FMJ. Lead seemed to work much better.

  2. The theory is that all lead bullets and hollow points are your best bet against pins, as they’re “grabbier” on the pin surface and less likely to glance off and leave you with a pin sitting on the table mocking you.

  3. I do wish pin shooting would become more popular (read have a match close to me), so that I could give it a shot. I think my USPSA limited gun w/ 180 lead bullets would love the pins.

  4. If you hit them right 9mm works good, I was knocking them off with 124 grain lead round noses. If your a really good shot you can knock them off with 22lr out of a Jennings. I’m not that good I left one on the table after 19 shots.

  5. Over the last few years I’ve shot a lot of pin matches. From my experience, go with the heaviest bullet you can possibly use. For 9mm. I use 147 gr. hollow points. In the .38 I use 200 grain semi-wadcutters loaded to Plus P levels. I use 230 gr. in .45ACP. The ultimate pin mover for me, though, has been 425 Gr. SWC’s in a 7 1/2″ barreled Ruger SRH .480, but using Trail Boss powder for a reasonably light powder charge. Still easy to shoot, much easier than a .44 Magnum, but it REALLY moves pins off the table….

    ….. Mr. C.

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