Gun Nuts Radio with Julie Goloski

You know, every week I say that if you missed the live show last night, then you missed out. It’s true every week, but some weeks even more so than others. Last night it was our pleasure to have Team Smith & Wesson pro shooter Julie Goloski on the show. Julie spent the better part of an hour talking to us about the shooting sports, her background, and what we can do as shooters to get more women into the action shooting games. If you’d like to download the show, just click here for the show page, or click the following link for an .mp3 copy of the show.

Of course, you can now also download Gun Nuts on iTunes (or Zune). For Gun Nuts on iTunes, just click the link for instructions, or visit the iTunes store and search for “Gun Nuts Radio”.

If there was one section that I think every male shooter should listen to, it was when Julie and Breda were talking about bringing wives, mothers, girlfriends, etc into the shooting sports. A big focus in that conversation was on how to make the shooting sports and the range in general a welcoming place for female shooters; there was a lot of advice in there that’s useful for everyone. One of the best topics we discussed was the Babes With Bullets program, which are a series of ladies only shooting clinics that Julie’s helped run in the past. In fact, one of her former students was a caller, which was pretty neat.

For more information on Julie Goloski, check out her website at