Uncle is a bad man

Linking me to things I want that I can’t have.  Really though, the entire Tactical Solutions website is an unholy cornucopia of awesome blastiness (is that a word?), and because I love you guys so bad, I’m going to link to my favorite item on the Tac-Sol website. It’s their 2211 Conversion Kit, for 1911 style firearms. They make one for double-stack guns, so you can hang a .22 kit on your STI or Para double stack race gun if you want to.

At the last Indy 1500 I was talking to Tam about how if someone built a .22 LR 1911 from the ground up and sold them for around $400 that they wouldn’t be able to make guns fast enough to keep up with the demand, especially if you could make a Government and a Commander Sized model.


  1. You’ll need to be careful getting one for a Para LDA action pistol, there’s a section of metal in the slide that is wider than required for a single action, and if it’s been milled free the LDA won’t function.

    That’s the reason I had to go hunting for a frame for SpaceGun, the MechTech kits use the minimum required dimensions for SA guns on the bolt, and the disconnector lever on the LDA just pops up and waggles in the breeze.

  2. Oh, yeah, I had forgotten about that with the LDA guns. The 22 I’m planning building up will be a traditional single action though; I don’t think I possess the technical whizbang to make an LDA .22 conversion kit.

  3. There’s nothing special to an LDA slide beyond a little extra metal that’s been left in to work as a cam. I haven’t checked if you can successfully use an LDA slide on a SA frame, but usually SA slides are completely hogged out in that spot.

    As popular as the LDA guns are getting it might behoove the conversion kit makers to leave a little extra meat and make two more cuts for the cam ramps…

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