S&W – 6 million in handcuffs and counting

No, it’s not some Brady Campaign fantasy about arresting law-abiding gun owners.  Smith & Wesson, the largest manufacturer of handcuffs in the nation has just minted their 6 millionth set of ‘cuffs.

Smith & Wesson Corp., the legendary 157-year old firearms maker, announced that after 30 years of manufacturing high quality handcuff restraints at its facility in Houlton, Maine, the company recently produced its six millionth pair of handcuffs. Used in service around the globe by law enforcement agencies, security divisions, and military organizations, Smith & Wesson handcuffs are the most widely produced and supplied restraints currently available.

A representative was unavailable for comment, however I was led to believe that none of the 6 million handcuffs were fluffy and pink.


  1. That’s amazing considering they’ve only be selling them since 1979. I wonder what portion of those sales are made by “Adult Stores”?

  2. Wow, that’s an average of 555+ pairs made every day.

    (6M / 30 years / 12 months / 30 days)

  3. Only six million? Apparently people aren’t as kinky as I have been led to believe. Or perhaps those who are, also buy the cheap brands.

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