Gun Show this weekend!

That’s right, for my Central Indiana readers, the Indy 1500 gun and knife show is this weekend.  For some reason (possibly that I’m an idiot) I thought there was a bowling pin shoot this weekend as well, but that’s next weekend at Marion County Fish & Game.

If you want to squeeze some triggers before you head to the Fun Show, then check out Atlanta Conservation Club, my home range, and probably one of the best facilities in Central Indiana.  This weekend is their monthly steel challenge match and the entry fee is a paltry 10 bucks.  Just think about the shooty weekend you could have – Saturday morning, you head out to the range for a little clang-and-bang, then cruise over to the gun show afterwards to see how the Obama-inflated prices are doing, and if you’re me maybe pick up a couple of 1911 magazines.

Should be a good weekend!