IDPA Match Review

This previous weekend, I shot the first IDPA match of the year at Hamilton County Fish and Game.  I always have fun shooting IDPA, and this was no exception.  The match was six stages, all of which were very much “stand a blast” stages, with limited movement, and the lowest round count being one six round stage.  All the other stages were 10 or 12 rounds, and every stage had an opportunity for me to “go fast”.

No pictures of this particular match, as it was about 10 degrees colder than I had anticipated (and I forgot the camera), however in upcoming matches you can be sure as shooting that I’m going to be doing shooter pictorials, both at HCFG and at my home range, Atlanta Conservation Club.

Back to the match, though.  I shot well enough to win CDP, but I wasnn’t pleased with my performance.  A cursory review of my shooting shows too many points down, and too many make up shots to get my A-zone (I know IDPA does “down zero” and not “A-zones” – ed) hits in.  Of course, it’s the second match of the IDPA season, so thankfully I’ve got some time to improve.  Hopefully as the season goes on, I’ll be able to tighten those points down up a little bit and get back to being both fast and accurate.  Because honestly, “fast and sorta-accurate” isn’t going to put more plaques on the wall.

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