Springfield XD .45 Kaboom

Pictures of the catastrophic event are at The Firearm Blog.  Squib loads are hella dangerous – at the IDPA match two weekends ago, we had a shooter with multiple squibs.  Luckily, the RO heard the light round go “pop”, and was able to safely call “Stop” before the shooter fired their second round.

I will say I’m somewhat impressed with the XD in this regard.  I’ve seen Glocks that KB’d in the  same manner as this XD with a lot more damage to the gun and to the shooter’s hand.

Squibs are dangerous, and they’re why I don’t advocate reloading while doing other activities.  The TV should be off, no distractions in the room, etc when you’re reloading ammo specifically because a moment of inattentiveness can cause a best case scenario where all you do is wreck your gun, and a worst case scenario where you’re seriously injured.


  1. Dang.

    It is good to read that the shooter was not injured. Of course there is no guarantee it would be the same if it happened in another XD, but does give slightly more confidence that I made a good choice when I bought my XD-45 last week.

    I am going to forward the post to Springfield.

  2. If I blow up my XD-45 Tactical it will be with factory rounds…

    I did a kB years ago on a S&W Model 28, made a hell of a mess, I have NEVER shot a reload since… Costs a bit more but I have not had so much as one glitch since, except with that POS Glock 19 I all but gave away…

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