Gun Nuts Tonight: The liberal question

Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio, we’re going to be tackling what has become in light of the most recent election, a rather sticky issue.  Namely, how should “libertarian/conservative” gun owners act and treat gun owners that voted for Obama?  Where do we draw the line with our message?  Should we embrace them into the fold and try to evangelize them in the name of “liberty”, or should we let them lie in the bed that they made?

As always, we encourage your comments. I imagine that there will be some strong opinions about tonight’s topic, so we want you to join the conversation by calling in at 347-539-5436. Tonight’s show promises to be an interesting show topically, as Breda and I are of two different minds on the issue; which means that your feedback as the listener is even more valuable. Again, that’s tonight at 9pm Eastern time at! Be there!


  1. I won’t be able to listen in live, but I think this question boils down to a matter of degrees. One trip to the range won’t convince someone deep in the throes of hoplophobia that guns aren’t the root of all evil, and indeed, it’s doubtful that such a person will ever WANT to go the range. However, if you display calm, reasoned gun ownership to such people in your daily life, their fears will gradually ease somewhat and they may (*may*) become open to the idea that while it may not be their cup o’ soup, others can and should exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. But don’t expect them to join the CMP or IPSC. 🙂

    Invitations to go shooting are more effective, I think, with those who have at least a semi-open mind about things, and I myself have seen several people with no feelings one way or the subject consider gun purchases after an hour or two on the range.

    The hard-core anti-gunners probably won’t change, and trying to convert them is just spitting into the wind. But the vast majority of people out there are ripe for the pickin’, and all they need to learn is what responsible gun ownership is really all about: It’s up to us to show them.

  2. Rational advocates of lawful and moral self-defense should treat people who made a mistake in the last election and voted for an advocate of victim disarmament for President as potential future buddies, regardless of whether they voted for Obama or McCain.

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