Team S&W Cleans Up at IDPA Indoor Championship

Which I suppose is only appropriate, since the full name of the match is the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championship.  Homefield advantage must be a nice thing to have.  You can click here for a complete list of the scoring by division.

  • Custom Defensive Pistol Division Champion: David Olhasso – 179.88 (57)
  • Enhanced Service Pistol Division Champion: Bob Vogel – 150.72 (32)
  • Stock Service Pistol Division Champion: Dave Sevigny – 151.86 (36)
  • Enhanced Service Revolver Division Champion: Jerry Miculek – 214.35 (47)
  • Stock Service Revolver Division Champion: Craig Buckland – 236.60 (39)

Special Division/Category Winners:

  • High Senior: Scott Warren    ESP – Master 175.58 (57)
  • High Lady: Randi Rogers    SSP – Master 253.74 (85)
  • High Law Enforcement: Robert Vogel    ESP – Master 150.72 (32)
  • High Industry: Robert Vogel    ESP – Master 150.72 (32)
  • High International: Hans Silbitzer    SSP – Master 274.20(140)
  • High Junior: James McGinty    ESP – Master 188.33 (47)
  • High Military: Stephen Cheng    ESP – Expert 248.43(121)
  • Most Accurate: James Meyers    SSP – Master 196.98 (28)

Congratulations to all the winners, and to Team S&W and Team Glock.  Team S&W took three division wins, and Team Glock took the Stock Service Pistol Win and the High Lady win as well.  In other interesting items, David Olhasso won the Custom Defensive Pistol division not with a tricked out 1911, but rather with a relatively stock S&W M&P in .45 ACP.

This is the second year that the S&W Indoor Match has been a full-fledged National Championship, and it appears to be going quite strong, and carrying the flag very well for IDPA.  This is a match that remains pretty high on my list of “I want to shoot this match”, so hopefully for the 2010 match I’ll be able to bring you live reports and scores from the match floor.


  1. Hi,
    i visited S&W on feb 21st but was not allowed access to the store and there appeared to be a lot of panic with the building being cleared by security.
    For some reason S&W are keeping quite, any idea`s about went down

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