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It is totally okay to compare Former President Bush to a chimpanzee, however if it is even remotely plausible that you’re comparing President Obama to a chimpanzee YOU’RE A HORRIBLE RACIST.

I can’t deal with the Obama veneration any more, I seriously can’t. In fun news, the number of Americans that disapprove of Barry’s job performance has jumped from 16% to 26%, which I guess means either the poll had a more accurate sample size this time around. If I were to get really hopeful, I’d believe that it meant that people were smelling the coffee, but that I sort of doubt.

And that concludes my political post for the month, now back to gun stuff.


  1. i trust the US media to make someone somewhere seem racist under any circumstances. Everything seem to be normal.

    I see no racism in this, though Americans are twisting it to be racist. i actually have more of a beef with the depiction of the police. The artist is spreading bad firearm safety practices to the public. (note what the finger is still on despite the neutralized monkey :P)

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