Indiana Senate Bill 11 Update

Indiana SB11 passed the Senate two days ago with a serious majority. Again, this bill allows Hoosier gun owners to store firearms in their locked vehicles. I tend to disagree with Sebastian on this issue, as I feel as though my vehicle is an extension of my property wherever I go, a little island of Calebland adrift in a sea of cars.

As such, I’m pleased to see NRA supporting these bills, both in Indiana and with the recent victory in the 10th Circuit, upholding a similar bill. The Indiana Bill will now proceed (I believe) to the Indiana House. I’ll keep you posted on developments as I hear them.


  1. In Missouri, you are allowed to have loaded weapons in your auto/trunk/whatever as long as you meet the requirements for gun ownership. No CCW required. That provision was included in Missouri’s original CCW bill.

    That is all many folks wanted. To be armed while traveling through the more dangerous areas of the state. Others like me, acquired a CCW so we needn’t be concerned about be armed in or out of the car. My wife’s car has a BHP in a pistol rug in the glove compartment. She doesn’t have a CCW and that pistol covers her area of concern.

  2. Sadly I still cant take my CCW gun on campus. The one place were I am most likely to need it. O well at least this is a step in the right direction.

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