Mexican Civil War?

The good people of Texas are apparently drafting a contingency plan should the government of Mexico undergo a rapid collapse. I’m not going to lie, the concept that our neighbor to the South could be having a small scale internal shooting war while we’re going through a recession is one of those things that kinds of makes me go “uh-oh”.

You think illegal immigration is bad right now? Imagine how bad it would be if their entire government collapsed into chaos.


  1. This must be a very hard thing to plan for. Do you turn away refugees? Start a special ‘camp’ for them? Place troops along the border? It’s a line that has to be drawn somewhere.

  2. This should be fun. Most of the indocumentados in my town are actually Honduran. I have no idea how well they’ll accept fleeing Nortenos.

    Glad I don’t live right off of I-35 anymore…

  3. Oy. And the other fun question is how far can the state of Texas go to protect and defend its borders before the federal government decides to try and control it themselves… or, worse, object.

    This could turn out to be all manner of fun.

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