Gun Nuts Radio: Carry Gear

Last night’s Gun Nuts Radio was focused on the gear that we carry in addition to our firearm. The sponsored product, contrary to what I said on the air was not a SERPA holster for an XD, but rather a SERPA Holster for a 1911 style pistol. We actually had a lot of fun doing the show; the discussion of our gear and what we carry was excellent, as it lead to mentioning a lot of good companies and good products, and also lead to the central thesis of the show, which is that your carry gear works as a system. Everything, from your holster to your belt to you knife has a distinct role to play, and in a self defense situation you need them all to do their job.

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Speaking of knives, last night’s show featured Jared West of Mantis Knives out of the old homestead in California. Jared and I had talked a bit at SHOT SHOW, and I was impressed with the direction that he’s taking his company, and wanted to have him on the show. Mantis makes a quality product at an affordable price; so check them out if you’re in the market for a new sharp thing. Mantis is also a very “net” and new media friendly company – they’re getting set to open up a forum on their website, and you can also subscribe to get email updates on new products and gear.

Like I said, doing the show last night was fun. I love talking gear with people, whether it’s holsters, knives, flashlights, or Breda wearing a Lara Croft outfit (note: this actually was the topic for about 10 minutes). If you don’t listen live, you can still catch us – just click to hear what you missed!


  1. While I am quite happy I was able to catch Mr. West’s section of the show, I did some research about him and his knives, and found some rather interesting things. Not sure if I will get one in the future, but they still look amazing as hell :).

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