Gun Nuts Last Night – SHOT SHOW!

Last night’s episode of Gun Nuts Radio, after a brief rabbit trail chase down the path of yesterday’s inauguration was all about SHOT SHOW 2009.  Much like the paths I walked at SHOT, last night’s show essentially was me running around chasing shiny objects and talking about them, getting distracted by the pile of gun stuff on my desk, and generally being ADHD.  Greg Morris called in and testified to exactly how ADD I got during the show – we’d be walking down the aisle and I’d suddenly trail off to the left or the right to go look at Product X that caught my eye.  You can listen to my rabbit trails by clicking the player below, or by clicking here to download an .mp3 copy of the show.

Also, you can now listen to us on your iPod or Zune player, simply by following the instructions in this link: Gun Nuts Radio on iTunes. I hope you enjoy last night’s show, Breda and I very much enjoyed putting together the special 1.5 hour edition of Gun Nuts Radio. Listen in, and see if you can follow my incredibly distracted thought train through the entire show!


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