4th Gen Glock

From SHOT SHOW 2009 – the 4th Gen Glock!  It’s just like you 3rd Gen Glock, except the grip has been stippled to uh…make it easier to hold on to, and now instead of vertical serrations on the slide, they look like fish-gills and are razor sharp!

From SHOT SHOW 2009



  1. I’ve been waiting for Glock to come out with a model 20SF. Any chance of that happening with 3rd gen styling or is everything going to be 4th gen from now on? The 4th gen looks butt ugly to me.

  2. Hmm, I just found out that not only are the 20SF and 29SF coming onto the market, both are already on the California DOJ approved handgun roster. How is Glock getting these guns approved w/o a mag disconnect?

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