A little SHOT SHOW Shenanigans

While there was a lot of work to be done at SHOT SHOW 2009, it wasn’t all work and no play.  A little fun was had here and there.  For example, I got to meet this guy:

From SHOT SHOW 2009

That’s Dick Heller. You might have heard of him, there was a little case that went to the Supreme Court that involved this guy.

I also played around in the fog booth of death, or whatever it was called. Murdoc and I both took a turn in the fog booth, which was a demonstrator for a non-lethal area denial system. Basically, the fog gets pumped into a room, and then the strobe light kicks in. It’s kind of like having a flashbang set off inside your face. As you can see, the result is quite disorienting.

From SHOT SHOW 2009
From SHOT SHOW 2009

I also paid 8 dollars for a hot dog. Eight. Dollars. For. A. Hot. Dog.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

Some day my children will look at that picture and say “Eight dollars? Geez Dad, a Zero Carbon Footprint Meat Byproduct Snack costs $25 Obucks, you had it easy.”

The CZ-USA booth had the pimpingest (is that a word) of pimp guns – a chrome CZ-75 with a pink pearl grips…with a flame job on the grips.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

And I was struck by the ceramic punch daggers from Cold Steel. I’m sure that those are illegal in California. Speaking of which, I also made sure to snag my yearly copy of the Cold Steel “graphic proof” or Extreme Proof or whatever sword video. Nothing like an hour and a half of guys cutting up hamhocks with swords.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

SHOT SHOW 2009 wasn’t all business – in addition to hanging out with Greg and Murdoc, there were a lot of laughs to be had, a lot of good times with good people. I’m continually impressed with how the majority of us “gun folk” are all around good people.


  1. I had a steel punch dagger from cold steel, cut myself 3 times in two days and got rid of it. the plastic knives don’t have that problem
    (“Made from Grivory�� the latest in fiberglass reinforced plastic” http://www.coldsteel.com/nightshadeseries.html)

    now I need to find a sheath with no metal, um just because.

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