SHOT SHOW 2009 Day 1

Welcome to SHOT SHOW, indeed.  One of the first things I saw when I walked into the exhibition hall was the Kahr Arms/Auto Ordnance Booth, where they had this gorgeous Harley-Davidson on display.  What a welcome!

From SHOT SHOW 2009

Like I said, welcome to SHOT.  Just for you gearheads, here’s another picture of the bike.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

There were some guns there, but honestly, the motorcycle was pretty distracting.  That was just the beginning of my day.  My first real stop was at the Ruger booth – I wanted to see their new Ruger LCR revolver, the partially polymer wheelgun that they announced.  I also wanted to get a look at their new tactical Mini-14.

From SHOT SHOW 2009
From SHOT SHOW 2009

I spent some time handling the new Ruger, and I have to say that it’s possibly one of the lightest .38 Special revolvers I’ve ever played with.  Surprisingly, the trigger pull was excellent.  Michael Bane has a video up at of him firing the new Ruger, and the recoil looks..stout to say the least.  Crimson Trace has a laser grip available for the new Ruger – so if you want a “Brilliant Aiming Solution” for your new plastic wheelgun, Crimson Trace has it.

Speaking of Crimson Trace, I swung by their booth to grab a couple of pictures of the new vertical foregrip for guns that are equipped with a rail.  Sadly, the pictures don’t do it justice.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

I spent some time playing with it, and one of the first things I noticed was that when I was playing was that I could co-witness the laser through the optical sight of the weapon.  I can’t tell why that’s cool, you just have to see it for yourself.  The foregrip comes with an integral light as well as the laser, and the light and laser can be set to strobe or to emit a constant beam.  Now, the first thing I thought when I saw the grip was how much I’d like to mount it on my Remington 870 – so one of my goals is to find a foregrip for the 870 that has a rail built into it so I can mount this piece of hardware on my gun.

Of course, that’s not the most tacticool accessory I saw at the show.  No, the absolute must have tacticool accessory is the new pistol bayonet by Laserlyte.  I was walking through the show after lunch, and I saw this banner – words failed me.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

That’s right, a pistol bayonet.  I know that CZ did one for their Shadow, but this one fits all your guns with a rail.  Here’s the same bayonet exhibited on a dummy Glock.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

You’re just not tactical enough without it!  Much more to come tomorrow, including a look at the 4th Generation Glock, Sig Sauer, and the SHOT Spotlight series kicks off tomorrow as well, which will focus on different companies and their products.  More exclusive SHOT SHOW coverage coming tomorrow!


  1. Actually, my wife’s charter arms ultralight, spurless .38 has a lighter trigger, but it is nowhere as smooth. That Ruger certainly has one of the nicest triggers I’ve felt on a carry revolver.

  2. That must be the .gov mandated safety feature deigned specifically to keep braindamaged professional atheletes and twobit gangstas from putting their pistols down their pants without holsters. I approve.

  3. Look for articles on “the new plague of drive-by bayonetings” and “assault cop-killer bayonets” in your local fish wrapper.

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