1. It’s the same size as the P22???

    That’s unfortunate. The P22 is a great plinker, but too large to carry for a .380 – I’ll stick with my P3AT, thanks…

  2. It is roughly the same size as the P22, which if you ask me is a great size for a carry gun.

    However, if you like ’em little, just wait until I post the .380 Sig has this year.

  3. Caleb,

    If I’m carrying a .380, it’s a pocket gun. If I’m putting something on my belt, I want it to be at least a 9mm.

    Believe me, I want this to be something – Walther’s affiliated with S&W, and as a result a good number of their firearms are MA-compliant.

    Ditto Sig. I will be waiting EAGERLY for the Sig 380 news…

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