SCAR 16 rifles shipped to dealers

From the Shooting Wire:

FNH USA announces the exciting FN SCAR™ 16S for the civilian enthusiast was delivered to its dealer base at year end 2008. This first group of rifles is part of a one-of-a-kind initial production run.

These limited FN SCAR 16S initial production edition rifles are unique and were specially engraved by FNH USA, LLC on both sides of the receiver rather than on one side only. In addition, this FN SCAR 16S initial production edition rifle has been specially packaged in a durable, lockable, waterproof Hardigg® Storm hard side case that is ideal for storage and transportation. They also have been delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Of course, this post is useless without pics, so if you’re wondering what exactly it was that they shipped out to the dealers, it looks a little bit like this:

I predict that this first run of rifles will be bought up pretty quickly, what with everyone and their sister running out to buy semi-auto rifles right now.

Plus, it’s worth noting that unlike some companies (I’m looking at you, HK), FN USA is friendly to the civilian market.  The produce civilian versions of their assault rifles, and have made all of their pistols available for general purchase as well.


  1. I think you made some serious typos in that last sentence:

    Plus, it’s worth noting that unlike some companies, FN USA totally hates bloggers.

  2. I’ll take a company that actually sells their guns to the civilian market over one that doesn’t any day of the week.

  3. I didn’t say HK was any better. I was just making a joke about how FN blew off bloggers at the Bash. I don’t know how HK would have treated bloggers.

  4. Ah. If it means anything, HK was universally shitty to all the “web based” people I knew of at the last SHOT.

  5. Damnit another expensive toy I absolutely can’t live without now. Must find a job that pays twice as much but no responsibilities so I can play at the range all day.

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