Mossberg Combat Pump available

Mossberg is going to offer the 590A1 model pump action shotgun to the general civilian market.

All models will come standard with heavy-walled barrels, metal trigger guards and safety buttons in a durable Parkerized finish. A full range of sighting options will be available in front bead, ghost ring rear or 3-dot configurations. Several variations of stocks will also be available with wood, synthetic, speed feed and adjustable aluminum. All 590A1 models come drilled and tapped from the factory making it easy to mount a Picatinny rail, scope base or other optic options.

If you’re in the market for a home defense shotgun, you’re not going to go wrong with the same gun that many in our military use on a daily basis.  The Mossberg pump guns are excellent firearms.  Personally, I’d knock the standard stock off the gun and equip it with a Knoxx Comp-Stock,  but if you don’t feel like dropping an additional $150, no worries because the Mossberg is ready to go out of the box.


  1. I always wondered why they dropped that model from the line. I’ve had one for years and I love it. And yes, it has a bayonet lug. 😉

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