1. You know you’re a racing nerd when you look at it as a perfect opportunity to practice throttle steer, threshold braking, and counter steering; as well as testing your vehicles dynamic balance.

    I should note, I ice raced (BMWCCA Class E ice racing champion three years in a row) in New England for years.

  2. Lately, I’ve just taken to cursing Al Gore for the global warming we’re currently freezing and sliding in.

    At least the kids got to stand by their first snowman.

  3. I was gonna say, usually I just steer into the skid, let off the brake, and maybe gently accelerate to bring the ass-end back in line. Chris Byrne kinda beat me to it.
    Usually (alas, not always) this is followed by, ‘Damn, that was kinda fun…maybe I could try that again?’

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