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“Tauretta”: A Taurus filled full of Beretta replacement parts.

I like the Taurus PT92 series of pistols, mainly because they can be carried cocked and locked due to the fact that they don’t have the slide mounted safety that the Beretta M9/92 series of guns have.  The Taurus is sporting a frame mounted safety, which is where God and His Servant John Moses Browning want safeties to be.

So, I have a Taurus PT92, which has a bunch of aftermarket Beretta parts on it – hence, Tauretta.


  1. I used to have one of those, when they first came out in .40.

    I still think the 92 frame is too big for 9mm; but I’m prefectly happy with 14 rounds of .40 (though why you still have to go aftermarket to get more than 10+1 I don’t understand.)

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