IDPA Stage Ideas

From the movies – last night Mrs. Ahab and I watched Blood Diamond, with Leonardo DiCaprio, which was actually a pretty good film.  There was one scene that gave me a great idea for an IDPA stage – the bridge shootout.

With the exception of the part where he shoots the two guys again for insurance, this would make a pretty cool IDPA stage.  Two targets equidistant, you have to neutralize them with 1 shot each.  To make it challenging, say that each target has to be hit in the “Down 0” area, and make the stage limited Vickers, so you only get the two rounds.


  1. That was a surprisingly good movie… The incessant chamber checking, etc. My favorite was the ending, shooting the AR while saying, “Ya ya…” (a great Boer/Eastern European inflection…)

    Like collateral, both movies very well be HK adverts… Yo Homie, is that my briefcase?!?

  2. Is there a time factor in IDPA? Seems to me to replicate the movie you’d need to set it up so that you HAD to fire both shots within 1 second, start to finish, or you lose mega points.

  3. There is a time factor – you’re scored on the time you shoot plus .5 second penalty for each target point down. From the low ready, I could probably shoot this course of fire in about a second, which would be a slow time since a great shooter could clean it in about 0.7 seconds.

  4. I shot a match recently where we had paper knock down targets. The target stand was spring loaded and had a plates behind each 0 down zone. Once you hit the 0 down (and therefore the plate behind it) the entire target would flop backwards.

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