US Cleans up at World Action Pistol Championship

Who says the US doesn’t have the best shooters in the world?  Certainly not the competitors at the World Action Pistol Championships in New Zealand, who were treated to a tour de force of United States shooting prowess.  The World Action Pistol Championships are essentially the World Championship version of the Bianchi Cup, a pistol match dominated by two familiar names: Bruce Piatt and Doug Koenig; and those two greats did not dissapoint, Bruce winning the Open Championship, and Doug winning the Iron Man championship (Iron Man is an aggregate of your score in Open and Metallic Sights – many shooters don’t compete in it because it is quite grueling).  Here is a breakdown of the US Finishes:

  • Individual Open: Doug Koenig, 1920-181x
  • Individual Metallic: Vance Schmid, 1902-133x
  • Iron Man: Bruce Piatt, 3811-321x
  • Team Open: 1st Place (Team A) and 2nd Place (Team B)
  • Team Metallic: 1st Place (Team A) and 2nd Place (Team B)

Congratulations to Doug Koenig, who adds a World Championship to his stack of Bianchi Cup trophies, and of course to all the other members of Team USA for their fine performance in the 6th World Action Pistol Championships.  In 4 years, I hope we can clean up the trophies again.