1. Thank You Sir, may I have another.

    (Laetitia is… a punk rocker. Laetitia is…- que Ramones)

  2. I’d be interested to hear how her day-to-day life as a pro-gunnie works in France. I remember reading about the UK Olympic team going to France to practice, so they’re better than the brits….but that isn’t saying anything.

    What a shame, all that talent and she can’t carry : (

  3. I didn’t realize they could even own handguns in France, much less have IPSC there.

  4. Guess this means we can’t call the French ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys’ anymore…
    Pretty girl, and quite a shooter. If I was about 25 years younger, I’d stalk her…

  5. Yes, we can have handguns in France, but only for sport shooting. You need to be registered as a sport shooter and then ask for an autorisation (from a month to a year waiting for it, depending of your local administration), that you must renew every three years. You have to go to the stand at least three or four times a year (I don’t remember exactly) and if you drop your shooting licence, you lose the right to own your gun. With all that in mind, you have the right to own a maximum of twelve classified guns. I won’t go deep inside details of the law, which is almost as stupid as it’s complicated.
    There is about 100000 sport shooters in France, on sixty million people. One of the reason that I’m living in Switzerland, now.

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