James Bond’s guns

In keeping with the Bond posts, Wikipedia has given me a comprehensive list of all the firearms used by James Bond, ever.  Not just in the movies, but in all the books, including the books not written by Ian Fleming.  Fun Bond factoids: did you know that in the first novel not written by Ian Fleming, Bond is given an FN Model 1903, in 9mm Browning Long.  You know who designed that gun?  That’s right, John Moses Browning.  What’s interesting is that the reason that Bond was moved away from his traditional Walther PPk was because apparently during a kidnapping attempt on a member of the royal family in real life, a PPk jammed and was removed from service.  Thus, in fiction, the PPk needed a replacement.

Over his movie career, Bond has obviously used a lot of different guns, the most iconic being his PPk; although now he’s running a Walther P99 in all the new movies.  If you look at the list, it’s interesting to see how Bond’s guns have evolved with firearms technology.  Gone are the all metal guns, replaced by polymer blasters and HK submachine guns.  No matter if you’re a fan of the series or not, it’s a fun read for a firearms junkie.


  1. I don’t really like polymer-framed guns for Bond. He needs something old school that’s classy-yet-slightly-trashy (like a shaken martini). Maybe a BHP with a gold trigger? A Kahr MK9? A Beretta Cheetah?

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